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19th Apr 2022

“Princess Diana didn’t even do this”: Kardashians slated over visit to Disneyland

Kat O'Connor

“Let the ‘common folk’ enjoy their day, without having to wait on entitled celebrities.”

The Kardashians have come under fire after a recent trip to Disney left fellow visitors pretty unhappy.

In a viral TikTok, one woman revealed Kim, Khloe, and their children were allowed to skip all the lines in Disneyland.

In the video, the mums can be seen on the teacup ride with their kids as the public watches on.

The Kardashians were the only ones allowed on the ride despite it being half empty.

The public stood around waiting until they were done. One mum said it felt like they were on the teacups “forever”.

“The Kardashians were allowed to cut line at Disney, and ride the rides without having to bother with having peasants on at the same time as them.”

“Would hate for them to get too close to poor people,” the person wrote alongside the clip.

Many people couldn’t believe their actions, but others were more sympathetic.

One person stressed that they have to do this for security reasons.

However, others felt it was extremely unfair to the other families visiting the park that day.

“The fact that Princess Diana didn’t even do this,” one said.

Another added, “If you have that level of wealth, just forget about going to Disneyland. Make that one sacrifice to let the “common folk” enjoy their day, without having to wait on entitled celebrities.”

One user said Cardi B recently visited Disneyland, but instead of taking over the ride she just had her security guard with her.

Do you think the Kardashians were wrong? Or would you do the same if you were as rich and famous as them?