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28th Oct 2023

James Middleton reveals his baby boy’s unique name and the meaning behind it

Kat O'Connor

James Middleton welcomed his first child with wife Alizée a few weeks ago

James Middleton and his wife Alizée became parents for the first time this month but kept their baby’s arrival under wraps as they adjusted to life as a family of three.

The new dad has officially confirmed his son’s name is Inigo. The unique moniker is of Spanish origin, and it has an incredibly sweet meaning. The name means ‘fiery’ as well as ‘my little love’.

The unusual name is a far cry from the usual traditional names James’s family opts for, but we love it.

Speaking about his first few weeks as a father, James said he never realised how special life could be.

“He has been in our lives for just a few weeks but they have been the most special of my life getting to know our beautiful baby boy.”


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“No matter how prepared I thought I was…I was not prepared for the overwhelming emotion of meeting Inigo for the first time and the love for my darling Alizée as we became three.”

James said they’ve settled into “our new life as parents” following the birth of their baby boy.

He has also introduced his son to his beloved dogs and told him all about his dog Ella, who sadly passed away before his son was born.

“We have settled into our new life as parents and I’ve told him all about Ella and that if it wasn’t for her he wouldn’t be here today and that we miss her greatly.

James took the time to praise the staff at Basingstoke Hospital for all of their support throughout Alizée’s pregnancy.

“From the very first scan to walking out the front door for the first time as three, we couldn’t have felt more supported and looked after throughout so thank you NHS.”

Baby Inigo is James and Alizée’s first child. He is the first cousin of Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis.

He is also the nephew of the Prince and Princess of Wales.