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28th Oct 2023

Vogue Williams opens up about near-drowning experience

Kat O'Connor

Vogue Williams has reflected on a near-death experience she had as a child.

The mum-of-three opened up about how she was alone in a swimming pool as a child.

Vogue said she wanted to see if she could untie herself when under water, but didn’t realise how dangerous it would be.

The mum told Spencer Matthews on their podcast that she was 11 years old when the incident happened.

She shared: “I was once in a swimming pool and I was on my own and left to my own devices.

“I tied myself up with a dressing gown rope and threw myself into the pool to see if I could get out.”

Vogue explained that there were no adults around at the time.

“Nobody else was there. I was only like 11 so I wasn’t thinking, ‘Oh if you don’t get out then you’re dead’. I was just seeing if I could untie myself under water.”

Vogue believes someone was “looking out for her” because she could’ve drowned.

Luckily, she managed to untie herself and made it out of the pool, but there was a serious risk involved.

Vogue said she really “came close to death”, but was too young to realise how risky it was.

“It really freaks me out to think about it that there was such a high chance of me not being able to untie myself.”

Vogue said she feels “so worried” reflecting on the incident because anything could’ve happened.