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18th Aug 2023

Jess Redden admits she is battling labour nerves ahead of being induced

Ellen Fitzpatrick

Jess Redden has admitted that she is currently battling with labour nerves as she is set to be induced next week.

The pharmacist is expecting her first child with ex-Irish rugby player Rob Kearney any day now.

Sharing the pregnancy update on social media, Jess posted a snap of herself cradling her baby bump while on holiday earlier this summer.

Jess confessed that she has been feeling extremely nervous about giving birth but is taking all of her own concerns on board.

She said: “Just found out I’ll be induced in a week and [I’m] a little nervous.

“Whatever you’re feeling is normal and allowed, once I started to give myself permission for feeling my emotion instead of fighting or resisting it is when I truly felt content within myself.”

Despite having a dream pregnancy, Jess revealed that the pain she has experienced over the last few days and her struggle with incontinence has only been adding to these concerns.

“I’ve been so lucky with my pregnancy but this final week has been the toughest physically -pain, incontinence, and all-around general discomfort has peaked,” she added.

“But I guess the gratitude I feel for being able to carry this baby outweighs any physical pain I feel.

“As for the birth I am just excited to see their face for the first time.”

Jess then finished off her message with a stunning message of encouragement to her husband Rob and referred to him as the “best birthing partner”.

The post comes after Jess and Rob both documented their preparation plans for welcoming their little one which saw the two trying to figure out the best way to put in a car seat.