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21st Apr 2023

Katie Price hit with backlash over daughter’s plans to join OnlyFans

Kat O'Connor

Katie Price has been called out after her daughter revealed she wants to join OnlyFans.

The model’s 8-year-old daughter Bunny said she wants to be just like her mum.

During an Instagram Q&A, Price asked her daughter, who is 8 years old, if she was famous.

Katie asked, “Are you famous Bunny?” to which her daughter replied: “Yeah!”

Katie then asked her daughter what is she famous for and Bunny said: “You.”

Prince then went on to ask her daughter what she wants to be when she grows up.

Her daughter told her, “I want to be like you and do OnlyFans, a photo shoot.”

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The comment has been hit with quite a lot of backlash since Price posted the story on her Instagram.

Many people said Bunny is too young to know what OnlyFans is.

One wrote, “Sad that she even knows what that is!!!8-year-olds should want to grow up to be vets or footballers or astronauts, etc.”

Another said, “There’s nothing wrong with only fans if that’s what a person wants to do I guess but at 8 years of age I don’t think she should know what it is. And surely you would want more for your child.”

“I’m sure she is a good mum and loves her kids, but an 8-year-old shouldn’t know what OF is.”

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