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10th Jun 2023

Kelsey Parker gets six figure book deal on grief to ‘help other widows’ after Tom’s death

The Wanted star Tom Parker’s wife Kelsey has landed herself a six-figure book deal on how to deal with grief following her husband’s tragic death.

The singer lost his battle with cancer in March 2022 and a year on from his death, Kelsey is hoping to guide other widows in the same situation.

A source told The Sun: “It’s a huge deal worth six figures but Kelsey wrote it for other people in her position – it’ll chart her life after losing Tom.

“She’ll be opening up about the dark times she’s faced, her struggles and the guilt she felt meeting someone new. She wants it to be able to help others who have lost a partner at a young age.”

Kelsey recently opened up on the heartbreaking moment she had to tell her children that their father had died.

Speaking with The Sun, Kelsey recalled the moment she told her children that Tom had passed.

She told her children that the angels came to take their dad.

“The day he was going to die I said to her (Aurelia), ‘I am going to the hospice to see Dad because I have got to make sure the angels take him today’.”

She continued, “We came back in the evening, and in the morning I said, ‘Daddy isn’t here anymore. He is in the sky with the angels and the butterflies’. They accepted it but now we get a lot of questions.”


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