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04th Aug 2023

‘It’s like losing your arm’ – Lottie Ryan opens up about suffering from mum-guilt

Kat O'Connor

Lottie Ryan, who is a mum to son Wolf, was preparing to go away for just one night when she admitted she often suffers from mum guilt.

All mums deserve a break from motherhood and time to yourself is key for your mental wellbeing, but it doesn’t get any easier. We even struggle with mum guilt when leaving our older kids, it’s a normal part of motherhood.

Lottie told her followers that she was heading away for the night to clear her mind.

“I really need a full night’s sleep, like I really cannot stress it enough. But there is still this part of me, I’m like “I’m gonna miss my baby so much”.”


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“It’s only for one night but I’m nervous, I’m a little bit sad to leave him,” she shared.

The mum explained that having a child completely changes the way you think.

“It’s impossible to describe, it’s like losing your arm, it’s that kind of an attachment, even if it’s only for one night. It’s just the weirdest, opposing feelings,” she said.

Lottie asked fellow parents if that feeling ever fades or gets any easier over time.

“I’m still in the phase where it’s like your heart is torn. Like I need to do this for me, just to go away for the night, but I also don’t want to miss a night with him.”