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20th Oct 2023

‘I feel like a terrible mum- the tooth fairy forgot to visit my daughter’

Kat O'Connor

Mum guilt affects all of us at some stage in our lives.

Being a parent isn’t easy and we’re always making mistakes, but that’s completely normal. We may be mums, but we’re also only human.

Mum guilt comes in waves, and the issues we feel bad about are often both big and small.

One mum recently opened up about the guilt she felt when she forgot the tooth fairy was meant to visit her daughter.

As parents, one of our jobs is to keep the magic alive for our children. We need to show them that fictional characters like Santa and the Easter bunny exist because it makes their childhood feel that little bit more special.

But sometimes we forget.

One mum said she felt terrible after forgetting to leave behind a token from the tooth fairy for her six-year-old daughter.

“Our oldest (6) lost a tooth at school yesterday, and she was SO excited to put it under her pillow.”

The mum explained that her youngest child, who is only five months old, is experiencing sleep regression at the moment.

The mother has barely slept so she forgot all about the tooth fairy.

“Our youngest (5mo) is going through a brutal sleep regression, and I haven’t had more than 30-40 minutes of sleep at a time for a couple of weeks, so my memory is fried.”

She explained that both she and her husband had been feeling “wiped out” and they completely forgot to put something under her pillow.

Her little girl was so disappointed when she woke up and found nothing there.

“She was very sad this morning when she realised nothing had happened while she was asleep.

“I want to believe we’re not the first parents on the planet to do this,” the mum admitted.

And they’re certainly not.

Hundreds of parents agreed that they’ve often slipped up and forgotten about similar things.

However, as one mum perfectly put it, all parents make mistakes and it’s perfectly fine.

Many suggested leaving a note from the tooth fairy to cheer her daughter up.

One user shared: “My parents did when I was a kid. I came home to a note about the tooth fairy getting stuck in traffic, and extra money. I think I got a $5 instead of a $1.”