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11th Oct 2023

Meghan Markle expresses fears for the day her children join social media

Kat O'Connor

“Being a mom is the most important thing in my entire life “

Former actress, Meghan Markle, spoke out about social media and on Mental Health Day and expressed her worry about the day her children join social media.

The Duchess of Sussex opened up about the impact social media can have on our children during a trip to New York. She was speaking at an event to mark Mental Health Day when she revealed her fear.

Markle said that parents are constantly worrying about their children, but the internet adds another element of concern.

The mum was speaking at a panel in Hudson Yards for Mental Health Day.

She told the audience: “As parents, though our kids are really young, they’re two and a half and four and a half… but social media is not going away.”

“I think by design, there was an entry point that was supposed to be positive in creating community and something has devolved, and there’s no way to hear that and not try to help these families have their stories be heard.”

Markle said her role as a mum is her most important, as well as being Prince Harry’s wife.

“Being a mom is the most important thing in my entire life — outside of, of course, being a wife to this one.”

“I feel fortunate that our children are at an age, again, quite young, so this isn’t in our immediate future.

“But I also feel frightened by how it’s continuing to change,” the former ‘Suits’ star said.

Both Prince Harry and Meghan Markle stepped away from social media when they stopped working as senior royals. They had a team running the ‘Sussex Royal’ Instagram before they stood down, but neither of them uses Instagram now.

However, fans believed Meghan may make her return to social media as she is reportedly planning on relaunching her acting career.