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09th Mar 2022

Muireann O’Connell recovers after “sh*tty” mishap live on air

Katy Brennan

Poor Muireann.

Muireann O’Connell has given Ireland AM viewers a good laugh after getting tongue-tied live on air.

On Wednesday’s programme, the presenter was explaining how an upcoming segment later in the show would offer styling tips for people going on a city break.

However, she ended up getting her words mixed up and uttering something a little more explicit.

“Still to come this hour we’ll be styling you. Let’s have something nice! We’ll be styling you for your next sh*tty break,” she said, instead of city break.

Muireann quickly tired to cover for herself by insisting: “I said city, I said city, I said city!”

But grinning co-host Tommy Bowe was fast to spot the blunder, saying: “Sorry, what break? Where are you going to be going?”

“You know when you say C H?” she said, burying her head in her hands.

“Oh is that what is yeah?” Tommy laughed, before continuing with the segment as Muireann apologised.

Ireland AM’s official Instagram page later posted the clip with the caption: “Styling for a what break?! Never change @muireann.o.”


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Fans of the show took to the comments section to share their reactions to the hilarious moment.

“Love these two in a morning,” one person said.

“Omg couldn’t breath!” another wrote.

Others were in left in bits after Tommy’s priceless reaction.

“Lol at Tommy’s face,” one said.

Another simply stated: “Tommy’s raised eyebrow!”

This is not the first time Muireann has found herself the centre of attention on the show when she didn’t want to be.

Back in November 2021, Tommy and Alan Hughes announced her engagement on air after spotting she was wearing a new ring. The presenter has always kept her relationship out of the public eye, often referring to her long-term partner as her “housemate”.

She took to Instagram later that day to write: “Just how I wanted it to happen, @tommybowe and @alanhughes announcing my engagement to the world after they finally spotted the ring!”