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07th Jan 2022

Rachel Gorry gets honest about breast lift surgery

Kat O'Connor

Rachel Gorry has opened up about her breast lift ahead of her surgery.

The mum was incredibly honest with her followers about the procedure.

She decided she wanted a breast lift 10 years ago.

She explained that she wanted to wait until she was finished having children before going ahead with the surgery.

“I decided to get the surgery 10 years ago, I had Leah 11 years ago.”

“When I was pregnant with Leah my boobs were massive, they really stretched out, and after the pregnancy and my body went back to normal my boobs were just awful.”

She added, “The only way I can explain it is if you had two socks and put an egg in each sock because all the fat was in the bottom.”

“I wanted to know I was finished having my children because it would have been a waste of time.”

“I actually had my consultation booked a couple of years ago and then we decided to sell our house and build this one which is bigger.”

The mum explained that there was a room for another child in her home.

However, things didn’t work out as she hoped.

“We decided we’d have one more then I’d get my surgery after.”

“When we sold our house Daniel was diagnosed a month or so after and his diagnosis was terminal from the get-go so we never got to have our final baby.”

The mum stressed that she is paying for the breast lift herself. She said it will cost €8,000.

She said she isn’t getting implants but is just getting excess skin removed from her boobs. The surgery is likely to take no more than two hours and it will last for life.

Rachel’s followers have praised her for being so upfront and honest about the procedure.