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28th Sep 2018

Eeek! Looks like we’re in for another big snow this winter

Better stock up on sliced pans...

Anna O'Rourke

It’s still September but it’s starting to feel very cold.

We’re already dreading the chillier months (freezing cold commutes, hands that you just can’t get warm) and it looks as though we’re could see another few seriously cold snaps like last year’s Beast From The East.

UK forecasters have predicted that there’ll be “widespread snow events” in December.

“Long-range predictions have shown for a time that this winter could deliver some particularly cold and snowy conditions.

“We are expecting a number of widespread snow events to occur during early December and then again around mid-month.

Grab the sliced pan - looks like we're in for another big snow this winter

“This could bring some potentially crippling snowfall as these fronts will clash with cold air pooled over the UK.”

While we’re not in the UK, the forecast offers a glimpse at what our own weather might be like this winter.

In the more immediate future, though, things are set to get quite chilly here.

According to Met Éireann, today will start off cool, with mist and frost soon clearing, though it’ll turn into dry day with some good sunny spells and temperatures hitting as high as 15C.

That’ll change as we get into the evening time though – temperatures are set to fall to between 5C and 0C and could possibly go even lower in some areas of the country.