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30th Jun 2021

Ian Bailey’s interviews won’t be removed from new Sophie Toscan du Plantier Netflix doc

Kat O'Connor

A gripping watch

Netflix has confirmed that they will not be removing Ian Bailey’s interviews from their new documentary Sophie: A Murder In West Cork.

Bailey, who features heavily in the harrowing limited series, has written to the streaming service twice. According to The Journal, he has urged them to remove his scenes from the documentary.

He explained that the documentary is completely one sided and claimed that Sophie’s family “bought into a false narrative.”

“I was aware right from the outset that there was a degree of light feckery going on with the Netflix project which has been made really at the family’s behest, with the family as part of production.

“I always suspected. I was hoping I might be wrong, but I suspected that it would be a piece of self-serving unobjective demonising propaganda,” Bailey shared.

He added: “I’ve seen bits and pieces of it and I’ve had reports of the programme, and all I’ve been told about it, and unfortunately I’m right it will be a piece of self-serving demonising propaganda.”

Sophie Toscan du Plantier’s family were also heavily interviewed in the documentary. It is understood that the creators wanted to ensure that Sophie wasn’t lost in the story and the focus remained on her rather than the ‘true crime’ angle.

Netflix stressed that the family of Sophie Toscan du Plantier had no editorial control in the documentary.

Her son Pierre-Louis Baudey speaks openly about the traumatic loss of his mother and why he won’t rest until Sophie’s family get justice.

Sophie Toscan du Plantier was brutally murdered on December 23, 1996 in Schull, West Cork.

Ian Bailey was arrested twice during the investigation, but was never charged.

In 2019, Bailey was found guilty by the Cour d’Assises de Paris and sentenced to 25 years in prison. However, the High Court ruled that the former journalist would not be extradited.

Sophie: A Murder In West Cork is available on Netflix now.