Ioan Gruffudd's 13-year-old daughter accuses his girlfriend of "abuse" 3 months ago

Ioan Gruffudd's 13-year-old daughter accuses his girlfriend of "abuse"

Ioan Gruffudd's 13-year-old daughter has accused his girlfriend of "abuse" after she claimed a door was slammed on her.

Ella Evans, the daughter of Alice Evans and Ioan Gruffudd, has claimed that 29-year-old Australian actress Bianca Wallace slammed the door which led to the teen allegedly hitting her head.

She claims that the incident left her with "bruises", and says she has now filed a restraining order against her father and his new partner at a Los Angeles court.

According to reports, the restraining order was sought earlier this month and is for herself and her nine-year-old sister Elsie.

It is also understood that it has been requested to be in effect for five years.

Ella has stated that she is "afraid that [she] will abuse and/or continue to allow abuse to happen to my sister too".

The request also reportedly includes a declaration submitted as evidence to support her case.

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Ella recounted the incident which allegedly took place at her dad's apartment on May 26th.

Claiming this was her first encounter with Bianca, the altercation purportedly started as an argument, with the teen admitting to throwing food at her father.

After suggesting that she tried to leave, Bianca then "slammed the door on her head" as she tried to flee.

"On Friday, May 26, 2023, I was at the West Hollywood Police Station which is where my parents make custody exchanges," Ella states in the documents seen by MailOnline.

"My father picked me up, and he eventually drove me and my sister to his apartment for our overnight [stay].

"I was so mad at my dad because this was an overnight visit, and I had told him in the past that I didn't want to meet his girlfriend who was now his live-in girlfriend."

She went on to say that she was "so upset" with Ioan and "threw milk on his bed, poured mustard on the floor, and threw raw oatmeal on him".

She has since claimed the couple "called her 'manipulative', 'abusive' and 'narcissistic'."

Following the incident, Ella's mum Alice noticed the bruise and made a call to the police.

The temporary restraining order is yet to be granted in court but a hearing date is set for June 23rd.


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