Irish mother and autism advocate had threatening letter sent to her home 1 year ago

Irish mother and autism advocate had threatening letter sent to her home

This is shocking!

Well known autism advocate Amanda aka took to Instagram during the week to share a shocking story.

This month, the same month as international Autism Awareness month, Amanda had a letter posted to her home address with some distressing and shocking content written inside.

Amanda uploaded a series of videos to her Instagram stories (which she now has saved to a highlight called Letter) detailing how she was sent a letter to her home address.

"It looks like a lady's handwriting. It had no return address. There's no name signed to it.

The address is incorrect, but being Ireland it still found its way to me.

The hurtful point for me is that someone felt so negatively about my boys having additional needs they wrote a letter."

Amanda went on to read some of the contents of the letter including one particularly horrific line where it was suggested she should have aborted her children;


"Bad enough you brought three kids into the world, you must have known it after having one.

You must have no sense, your stupidity, did you ever hear of abortion, it is legal here."

The mother of three said that not only was she distraught that someone would suggest she should have aborted her children who she describes as her world, but she's horrified that autistic children are still being targeted like this.

Growing up autistic herself, Amanda said she knows all too well what it feels like to ostracised;

"I grew up autistic, waking up every day knowing I was different. But there are little kids out there, they go into school lonely, afraid, having no one to talk to.

There's teenagers going to school or not wanting to go to school because of judgement and because of how they are being treated."

Amanda went on to say that she has since gotten the GardaĆ­ involved.