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04th Nov 2022

Kate Middleton isn’t worried about The Crown because of her perfect image

Kat O'Connor

“There is nothing not perfect about her”

The Duchess of Cambridge is set to be featured in the final season of The Crown.

However, Kate isn’t one bit worried about being part of the Netflix drama series.

According to reports, the mum-of-three isn’t worried about how the show will portray her.

A royal source said Kate doesn’t have to worry because she is “perfect”.

Speaking to OK! Grant Harold said: “Kate doesn’t have much to worry about, her PR and image is perfect. There is nothing not perfect about her.”

Mr. Harold worked as a butler for Prince Charles from 2004 to 2011.

“At the end of the day, it’s PR. Some bits are historical and some bits are drama – the palace has always been keen to remind people it is drama.”

He added, “It will be positive. So they may well see it as good PR.

“There will be an interest for them and she is likely to come face to face with the actress that plays her at some point at an event.”

Prince William and Kate’s love story will be a major storyline in season 6.

Netflix is currently looking to cast actors to play the lovebirds.

They believe featuring the Cambridges and focusing on their time in St. Andrews will boost viewing figures.

A source said, “Having the Duchess of Cambridge starring is an easy win for The Crown, as the creators know it will get more people watching.”

“Particularly as it will show her relationship with William just as their romance starts to blossom when they were both students.”

The Crown has certainly changed the way the public views the royals, but will it have a positive impact on Prince William and Kate’s reputation?

We’ll just have to wait and see.