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Kinder Surprise eggs receive backlash for their 'sexist' packaging
"Do we really need blue eggs and pink eggs in this day and age?"

Kinder is once again under fire for their Kinder Surprise egg product.

Packaging the eggs in blue and pink wrapper to coincide with toy racing cars and Hello Kitty trinkets, people deemed these products "sexist" and "gender specific" by having one marketed towards boys while the other was marketed towards girls.

In the companies advert for the product, viewers were appalled calling it "dated" as it only shows a young boy playing with the Hot Wheels car toy, before then showing the two different styles of egg available. The toy car comes alongside the blue egg.


Although Kinder have not labelled these products specifically for boys and girls, people are raged at the fact they chose colours which are attached to such "gender stereotypes".

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