Mum called out for putting a lock on her son's bedroom door 6 months ago

Mum called out for putting a lock on her son's bedroom door

Is this mum in the wrong?

A mother has been called out by her family for putting a lock on her son's bedroom door, but is she in the wrong?

She explained that she put the lock on his door because her nieces and nephews are always going into his room.

Her sister lives down the road which means her kids are often in her house.

"This bothers my son as he's a quiet kid who likes his own space.

"They always swarm to his room to play when they come round and it's upsetting especially as there have been a few toy breakages in the past."

After chatting with her husband, the mum decided to put a lock on her son's door.

"We told him he can use it to keep anyone he wants out as he's old enough for privacy."

However, the parents also have a copy of the key for emergencies.


The next time her sister visited, the kids noticed the door was locked.

She told them her son would unlock the door if he wanted to play. However, the mum stressed that it was his choice.

"My sister was annoyed at me over this and told me that a 10-year-old didn't need that kind of privacy.

"I was just training him to be rude and inconsiderate."

Her sister tried to convince the 10-year-old that it would be fun for him to play with his cousins, but he didn't want to.

The mum eventually put her foot down and her sister left in a huff.

However, since their argument, she has been telling everyone about the lock.

"Is it really that weird to give 10-year-old privacy and the ability to decide who comes into his room?" the mum asked.

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