Lord Mayor of Dublin, Hazel Chu, wants expectant and new mums to email her 2 years ago

Lord Mayor of Dublin, Hazel Chu, wants expectant and new mums to email her

Did you give birth during the pandemic?

Lockdown was a stressful time for most of us but especially expectant mothers.

Many were restricted in who could attend appointments with them, who could visit them and even whether or not they could have a birthing partner in the delivery room with them.

Add to that the worry that they might catch COVID-19 and your stress levels would be through the roof.

Dublin's new Lord Mayor, Hazel Chu recently put out a message on social media asking mums who have given birth during the pandemic or who are due to give birth soon to get in touch with her.

Chu posted this message yesterday through her Twitter account;


"Folks if you are pregnant or given birth during Covid can you send an email to lordmayor@dublincity.ie on your experience.

I will be collating all feedback to send onto the various hospital masters & the Minister with an ask that restrictions need urgent review to support women."

Chu's message to expectant and new mums came off the back of her asking for restrictions regarding partners attending hospitals with mums to be lifted.

"Been in contact with Master of National Maternity Hospital on below issue & have asked for restrictions of not allowing partners to attend to be lifted.

He assures me he will revert with update. I will also be contacting the other maternity hospitals on Monday with same request."

As well as looking after the interests of new and expectant mothers, Chu has also been working on safe zones being installed around schools to protect children from traffic.