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29th Sep 2023

Lucy Letby hospital boss finally breaks silence with short statement

Anna Martin

*Warning: Some readers may find this article distressing

The former chief executive of the hospital where Lucy Letby killed seven infants has issued a statement.

This is the first time Tony Chambers has spoken on camera following the shocking case.

He was approached by ITV News outside of a property in Bolten, but he refused to discuss claims he overlooked concerns about the former nurse.

When the crew approached and asked if it was true that he had overlooked the doctor’s concerns about Letby at the time of the murder, he replied “I’m going to save it for the public inquiry.”

This marks the first time the former CEO has spoken about Lucy Letby publicly. He has only ever discussed her through written statements and emails.

Writing to ITV last week he said, “The trial and the lengthy police investigation have shown the complex nature of the issues raised; the families deserve answers, it is right that their wishes have been heard. As I have said previously, I will cooperate fully and openly with the inquiry.”

Following the news of Letby’s guilty verdict back in August, the ex-hospital boss said he was “deeply saddened” by the deaths at his former place of work.

He added: “All my thoughts are with the children at the heart of this case and their families and loved ones at this incredibly difficult time. I am truly sorry for what all the families have gone through.”

Letby was found guilty of murdering seven infants. She was also found guilty of the attempted murder of six others.

Letby is now serving a life sentence in HMP Low Newton in Durham.