Mam, mum or mom? We find out what most Irish people call their mothers 1 year ago

Mam, mum or mom? We find out what most Irish people call their mothers

What do you call your mother?

A recent survey has found that when it comes to what we call our mothers, there is a range of variations for Irish people.

There was one that came out as being the most popular, but is it what you call your mother?

The most common name that Irish people call their mothers by is Mam, with 31 per cent of adults call their mother ‘Mam’ when they’re speaking to her.

Coming in just behind at 23 per cent was ‘Mum’, with 12 per cent saying ‘Mom’ and a further 12 per cent saying ‘Mammy’.

Interestingly, four per cent of respondents claim to call their mothers by their first name.


Regional variances of this are apparent with Mam the most popular in Munster (38 per cent), Connacht (31 per cent), and Leinster (28 per cent) while Mum is top in Ulster (53 per cent).

Even within certain counties, there is differences for example Dublin respondents use Mam (27 per cent), Mom (26 per cent) and Ma (14 per cent).

The survey ran by iReach also found that when it comes to talking openly to our mothers, the majority (60 per cent) of Irish adults are uncomfortable talking about sex, 30 per cent find it awkward talking about general relationship advice and 18 per cent find it difficult talking about finance.

Health is a topic that people are happy to discuss with only 1 in 10 uncomfortable discussing this.

When quizzed as to what Mothers are best at, 39 per cent claim being supportive and 20 per cent answered accepting them no matter what while 16 per cent say that getting told to cop themselves on is what she is best at.