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18th Jul 2023

Met Eireann details how long Ireland’s miserable weather will last as rain warning in place

Simon Kelly

It’s not good news, folks…

As Europe is engulfed in a sweltering and pretty dangerous heatwave at the moment, and another one on the way, Ireland has been experiencing a miserable period of wet and windy weather.

It’s not very Summer-y, we’re all a bit fed up and, unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be any let up in sight. That’s according to Met Eireann, who have released their long-term forecast, which is predicting some pretty unsettled weather coming up.

The forecast says that unseasonably wet conditions will continue for the next few weeks, with temperatures dropping below average. Check out the full breakdown below.

Week 1 (Monday 17 July to Sunday 23 July)

Conditions throughout Week 1 are likely to remain fairly unsettled with low pressure over Scandinavia continuing to dominate our weather. This will feed in generally northerly air, which will keep temperatures below average across the country. Precipitation amounts are expected to be slightly lower than in recent days, though it will nevertheless remain wetter than average for many areas.

Week 2 (Monday 24 July to Sunday 30 July)

For Week 2, our weather is likely to stay somewhat unsettled with precipitation amounts remaining at or above average. Mean temperatures are likely to be somewhat higher than in Week 1, though they will remain slightly below average overall.

Week 3 (Monday 31 July to Sunday 06 August)

Uncertainty increases for Week 3. Current indications are that there will be little change from the previous week with conditions staying somewhat unsettled. Temperatures may continue to increase, becoming close to or slightly above average across the country. Precipitation amounts are forecast to remain at or above average.

Week 4 (Monday 07 August to Sunday 13 August)

Considerable uncertainty remains for Week 4. Early indications are that conditions will become slightly more settled with temperatures continuing close to or above average. Precipitation amounts are forecast to be decrease, with some areas becoming drier than average for the time of year.

Met Eireann predicts unsettled weather to continue into next month

While the monthly forecasts can provide a decent insight, Met Eireann warns that they shouldn’t be used for specific planning purposes as they have generally low skill compared with the 10-day forecast.

Meanwhile, today looks to be another mixed bag, as the national forecaster says the country will experience some sunny spells and scattered showers. Cloud will gradually thicken this afternoon with rain pushing into the southwest this evening. Highs of 17 to 19 degrees in a moderate westerly breeze.