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13th Oct 2018

Mum injured by tennis ball-sized hailstones while protecting baby daughter from storm

Jade Hayden

A mother has shown her injuries caused by tennis ball-sized hailstones as she tried to protect her four-month-old daughter from a supercell storm.

Fiona Simpson from Queensland, Australia, was driving with her baby daughter Clara and grandmother near Brisbane when the back window of her car was smashed by large hailstones.

The mother said that she moved to the back of the vehicle to protect her baby from the storm, lying across her while the giant hailstones bruised and battered her shoulder and back.

Speaking to local news source WIN News Toowoomba, Simpson said that she didn’t have time to think.

She said:

“I climbed through the back and just laid on top of her, just hoping to wait the storm out.

“She was screaming and it was so loud that you couldn’t even hear her screaming. I couldn’t focus on the pain, I could just focus on laying on top of her and protecting her from the hail.”

Later sharing the photos of her injuries to Facebook, the mother warned others about driving in such dangerous weather conditions.

She wrote:

“My entire back, arms and head are badly bruised. I’m just so relieved that my daughter and grandmother are alright.

“Please, please be careful in this storm season.”