Mum buys 'germs' sign for her baby's car seat and there are very mixed reactions 4 years ago

Mum buys 'germs' sign for her baby's car seat and there are very mixed reactions

'No touching. Your germs are too big for me.'

We understand. You don't want random strangers oooh-ing and aww-ing at your baby and getting their germs all over your precious little one.

But some mothers are taking the step to have signs on their children's car seats and prams, warning people to not touch.

The one that reads 'No touching. Your germs are too big for me,' was shared online by a mum, however a quick search on the web and you can find LOADS, with sayings such as 'Don't touch me. Germs can hurt me' and 'I may be cute but please stay away'.

There are arguments both to and for the signs.

Some mums are saying: "Don’t touch other people or their children. It’s creepy. Don’t be creepy."


While another wrote: "I don't think it's ever okay to touch someone else's baby. You not minding people touching your baby would still fall under you giving permission... I'm not seeing two sides to this one sorry."

Others, however, are against it, saying that babies need germs for their immune systems.

"No I would not, this world is turning into a bunch of weak fruit loops..... Children need germs, their bodies need to learn to fight off sickness," said one Facebook user.

Another wrote: "I have had 4 big healthy boys, all have been bounced around people and played on the floor since they came out and I wouldn't change a thing. Barely ever sick and handle immune challenges well. People are ridiculous with babies now. Unless your baby is a preemie or somehow sick, get that kid in some dirt."

What do you think, mamas? Are you for or against signs like these?