Neighbour complains to mother who says she and her daughter are dressing provocatively 1 year ago

Neighbour complains to mother who says she and her daughter are dressing provocatively

This is a weird one.

When you're in your own house, you can do and dress whatever way you want, right? It's your own house. Your home. Nobody but your family is in there and you can do so as you please.

Well, this neighbour doesn't seem to think so.

A mother has taken to Mumsnet to complain about her next door neighbour. The woman says that she and her daughter are dressing provocatively while in their garden and kitchen, and thinks it's inappropriate for her husband and son to see.

She wrote:

"Few weeks ago she complained about me and oldest dd being in the garden wearing bikinis (not even teeny bikinis) as she has a husband and a teenage son and they might see us. I tried hard to make sure if I was out there sunbathing I was away from her garden and moved the kids pool so it would be harder for them to be seen from their fence (the only way they can see in to our garden is when on trampoline).

"This morning I was cleaning kitchen in my pjs (vest and shorts so not revealing) dd was stood by open patio doors chatting to me in shorts and a crop top she sleeps in. Next thing mrs next door is banging on my front door telling me I'm continuing to disrespect her and her family by the provocative way we dress! If we continue to flaunt ourselves she will be complaining to my husband!

"I wasn't quite sure what to say - I suggested she maybe wanted to refrain from looking into my house over her fence if we were upsetting her."

A lot of users were of the same opinion - she should continue to dress the way she wants to in her own house.

One said:

"Bonkers. Tell her she needs to advise her husband and son to control themselves instead."

While another wrote:

"Maybe remind her that if they can not control themselves because of the way others dress, then maybe they should see someone about it?

"I don’t understand why she obviously has so much time on her hands to take stock of how her neighbours are dressing."