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07th Apr 2022

Alanna Quinn Idris shares heartbreaking update after Ballyfermot attack

Kat O'Connor

“My eye doesn’t work”

Last December, Alanna Quinn Idris was brutally attacked by two teenagers in Ballyfermot.

The teenage girl suffered severe and life-changing injuries after the horrifying incident.

Her tooth was shattered and her cheekbone was broken, but the worst damage was done to her eye.

Alanna’s left eye was so severely damaged that she will never regain her sight in that eye ever again.

The brave teenager opened up about her recovery in a recent TikTok video.

She said that she recently returned to school.

“My eye doesn’t work” she revealed.

Alanna explained that she can’t even open her eye fully at the moment.

When she was attacked, Alanna’s eye was pushed back 15 millimetres.

“My retina was detached and my eye socket was shattered. They had to take bone from my hip to rebuild my eye socket.”

The teen added, “Your eye can be pushed back seven millimetres before there is permanent damage. My eye was pushed back 15 millimetres.

“It has shrunken now because when your eye is hit or goes through trauma on your eye it can shrink over time, and mine did.”

Alanna explained that her retina is still detached, but she won’t be getting surgery to reattach it.

She said there is no point in getting the operation because she will never see out of her left eye anyway.

“It is not going to come back working even if I do get it reattached.”

Darragh Lyons and Jack Cummins have been charged in connection with Alanna’s assault. The men, both aged 18, recently had their curfews lifted.

Darragh Lyons has been charged with assaulting Alanna.

Jack Cummins has been charged with allegedly assaulting and injuring Alanna’s male friend who was with her on the night of the attack.