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15th Sep 2023

Case against Madeleine McCann suspect is reportedly ‘crumbling’

Kat O'Connor

A case against the main Madeleine McCann suspect Christian Brueckner is reportedly ‘crumbling’.

Convicted criminal, Christian Brueckner, has been the main suspect since 2017. He became the main suspect after a key witness told police that he was ‘boasting’ about killing the girl at a music festival in Spain.

However, a key witness, Helge Busching, is now threatening to stop assisting with the investigation. The case could now fall apart causing even more heartache for Madeleine’s parents, Kate and Gerry McCann.

A source told The Sun: “Word is Busching is about to withdraw his evidence. He was paid a huge sum to repeat his statement in a German newspaper and now he’s pulling the plug. It just goes to show you what type of people you are dealing with – and their credibility as witnesses.”

Busching previously told police that he met up with Mr. Brueckner at a music festival in Spain in 2008. During their time at the festival, the suspect reportedly discussed the disappearance of Madeleine McCann.

Busching told the publication Bild that his former friend told him Madeleine ‘didn’t scream’.

“I thought: “He knows that. He has something to do with it.” But he also checked that I understood that and then left at night,” he shared.

Busching looked for Brueckner the following morning, but he was nowhere to be found.

“I called Scotland Yard back in 2008. At the Maddie hotline. I said I knew someone who might have something to do with it and gave them the name. But nothing happened there. Nothing! I was never called back,” he claimed.

He then contacted police again in 2017 and they finally listened to his claims.

Madeleine McCann has not been seen since she went missing in 2007.