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12th Oct 2022

Nurse accused of murdering infants sent sympathy cards to parents

Kat O'Connor

Lucy Letby has been accused of murdering 7 infants.

*Warning* This article mentions distressing information.

An English nurse sent a sympathy card to the parents of the baby she killed.

Lucy Letby is currently on trial for the murder of 7 infants at a hospital in England.

She has also been accused of the attempted murder of 10 other infants.

Today, a court was told she posted a card to the parents of one of her victims.

According to Metro, the baby died in Letby’s care.

Speaking in Manchester Crown Court today, Prosecutor Nick Johnson KC said;

“This is a case where we allege Lucy Letby tried four times to kill her. (Child I) was resilient but ultimately at the fourth attempt Lucy Letby succeeded and killed her.”

“Lucy Letby came into the room and, in the words of (the mother), ‘was smiling and kept going on about how she was present at (Child I’s) first bath and how much (Child I) had loved it’.”

“(Child I) was born very early and very small. But she survived the first two months of her life and was doing well by the time Lucy Letby got her hands on her.

“What happened to (Child I) followed the pattern of what happened to others before and what was yet to happen to others.

“It was persistent, it was calculated and it was cold-blooded.”

A pediatrician confirmed Child I was killed after Letby administered large amounts of air into her stomach.

Following the child’s tragic death, Letby sent a sympathy card to their parents.

She also kept a photo of the card on her phone, police discovered.

Letby admitted it was unusual for a nurse to send a sympathy card to parents.

However, she has denied all allegations.