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13th Dec 2022

Saoirse Ruane and her family finally get to go on their dream holiday

Kat O'Connor

Saoirse Ruane and her family have headed off on their dream holiday.

The Irish family jetted off to Lapland after dreaming and talking about visiting for years.

Saoirse’s mum Roseanna shared an adorable photo from their trip to share the special news.

She wrote, “We have talked & dreamed about taking a trip for a long time & always said some day.”

The mum explained that they decided to book the trip after Saoirse’s oncology review.

She continued, “Every day’s a good day once we are all together & Saoírse remains tumour free.

Her mum reflected on the difficult days Saoirse spent in hospital following her cancer diagnosis.

“These last few months particularly have been horrendous. When I think back to seeing Saoírse in ICU, hooked up to so many machines & wires. All those lights & beeps, all there to save her life. So many dressings, drains, an epidural and a catheter.

Her mum said cancer “shook her little body to the core” when she was first diagnosed in 2019.

“It took her health, her confidence and her hair. Taking this tumour wasn’t straightforward and cancer also took her leg. How could it get any worse.”

In May 2022, Saoirse was diagnosed with cancer again.

“This time round it gave her an even bigger battle which saw her undergo another long surgery & a week in intensive care.

“Taking her second tumour wasn’t a straightforward surgery either, her tumour was attached to her lung and chest wall, so she endured a long major intense surgery which involved reconstruction of her chest wall and resection.”

Saoirse’s parents struggled to see her in such a vulnerable way, but they’re taking each day at a time. Roseanna said it’s been seven months and Saoirse is recovering at “her own pace”.

“Life is precious and you only get one chance at the one you’re given! You can’t come back to it!”

“You can’t bring it with you and you can’t control what life holds ahead for you,” she continued.

She encouraged her followers to not live with any regrets and make memories.

“You cannot return to live it again, this is your one & only life.”

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