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19th Aug 2022

Schools are struggling to find teachers ahead of new term

There are over 400 jobs to be filled.

The new school term will be here before we know it, but Irish schools are still struggling to find staff.

Pupils will be back in school by the end of August, but there are currently 400 vacancies waiting to be filled.

The ASTI revealed that nearly every secondary school in the country has at least one position waiting to be filled.

Nearly half of the vacancies are in Dublin, the ASTI revealed.

Speaking about the challenging situation, Principal Pat McKenna told Newstalk that schools are struggling to hire teachers, especially in Dublin.


Many teachers are leaving the capital city because of the high cost of living.

He shared, “The costs of living within Dublin – the cost of the rental, the cost of travel – are making it much more attractive for teachers to move out of the city or maybe not even move in, in the first place.”

This year’s back-to-school season is also putting parents under pressure as the cost of school supplies has skyrocketed.

Earlier this month, Mary Lou McDonald called for welfare support to be extended to middle-income families.

Families earning around €601 a week are struggling to cover the cost of back-to-school supplies.

They’re also struggling to cover the ‘voluntary’ contribution fee.

The back-to-school season should be an exciting time, but the rising cost of living is causing a never-ending list of problems.