Operation Transformation leader Paul Murphy broke viewers’ hearts last night 1 year ago

Operation Transformation leader Paul Murphy broke viewers’ hearts last night

We just love him.

Operation Transformation leader Paul Murphy revealed a 4 lb weight loss last night.

He also broke the hearts of viewers when he revealed his struggle with stress.

Last week, Paul opened up about his stress, and how it has affected his life.

This week, he admitted: "It needed to be said in fairness."

Paul's wife Sonya was in tears watching the episode.

She said: "It's hard to see someone you love really upset. I know him opening up will help a lot of people."

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"He has always been strong and he's been strong for me. It's time that he looks after himself, he's got the support of his family."

Reaching his goal weight loss this week has made him excited for the weeks to come.

"I feel pretty good, considering. I feel pretty good for saying how I feel."

"I feel the next few weeks will be fantastic for me."

It certainly looks like the country is with Paul, with Twitter taking off in support of him.

One tweet read: "So glad that Paul is speaking up about the stress of his day to day life. He is a great family man but needs time for himself too."

Another added: "Have to say that Paul on #OperationTransformation is possibly my all time favourite, I really hope he can relieve some of this pressure he’s under. Would a good asst manager help?"

Even the gorge Doireann Garrihy is backing Paul for Operation Transformation, tweeting:

"My heart goes out to Paul. What a legend. Him opening up in this way will help more people, particularly men, than he’ll ever know."

G'wan Paul, you're class.