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08th Apr 2018

People are naming their favourite terrible rom-coms and we seriously agree


Denise Curtin

What is your favourite rom-com that is actually complete trash but you love it?

Because we have a longggggg list.

When we think about it, most romantic comedies hit us in all “the feels”, yet once they are actually over and we are back to our senses and think about it critically (plot, acting, locations, characters etc..), they’re all actually fairly shite.

But some are a lot worse than others, and over the weekend, Twitter users decided to come together after one tweet spurred them to list their favourite terrible rom-coms.

Any you can add to the list?

Initial tweet…

And the replies…

YES… agreed.

Any to add to the list?

Here are others we feel need a mention…

13 Going on 30

Crossroads (yep, the one with Britney Spears)

Bride Wars

Rumour Has It


And lastly…

Confessions of a Shopaholic.