My husband gave my pregnancy test to my mother-in-law without asking me 5 months ago

My husband gave my pregnancy test to my mother-in-law without asking me

One woman is feeling pretty disturbed after her husband gave his mum her used pregnancy test.

She explained that she recently found out she was pregnant with their first child, but instead of keeping the test for themselves, he decided to give it away.

This is the first time her mother-in-law will become a grandmother, but she can't help but feel it was strange to give her the test.

During a family celebration dinner, the mother-in-law said she is already collecting keepsakes.

"I felt a bit confused and asked if my husband bought something for the baby and gave it to her. She said no but he did bring her my used pregnancy test and gave it to her to store as a "memory" of the news of her grandbaby's existence."

The mum-to-be admitted she was "floored" by this news.

She admitted she was incredibly creeped out when her husband smiled and nodded when she asked him about it.

"I felt creeped out, disgusted, and very uncomfortable."


The pregnant woman felt violated and disgusted.

She said her husband had no right to give the pregnancy test away, especially without asking her first.

"He grabbed the test once I got rid of it, put it in a plastic bag, and "gifted" it to his mom as a "keepsake". I told him it made me feel violated and creeped out because that test had my literal pee on it."

The mother-in-law and husband claimed she was overreacting, but does she have a point?

"He said for him and his mom it's all about the baby. But I somehow made this whole thing about me and hurt their feelings in the process.

"But that was my literal pee on that pregnancy test.

"I just couldn't help but flip out even if it ruined their joy for the news."