Pregnant woman calls out stranger who told her she was unfit to be a mum 1 year ago

Pregnant woman calls out stranger who told her she was unfit to be a mum

The pregnant woman was right to stand up to her

A lot of people need to remember that if you have nothing nice to say then maybe don't say anything at all.

One expectant mum was stunned when a stranger at a bus stop told her she wasn't fit to be a mother.

The pregnant woman opened up about the shocking ordeal on Mumsnet.

She explained that she was on her way to a midwife appointment in the morning time.

The mum was running late for her appointment because she was feeding her daughter.

"I didn't have time for any breakfast. I left to get the bus and grabbed a pack of Salt and Vinegar Squares from Sainsbury's and ate it at the bus stop once I had gotten off the bus."

The mum was minding her own business and eating her crisps when a woman approached her.


"Some woman comes up to me saying I shouldn't be eating crisps at this time of the day."

"I told her I'm pregnant and I'll eat whatever I want when I want," the mum revealed.

"She then said I was rude and unfit to be mum and went about her day!"

Fellow mums urged her to ignore nosey and pass remarkable people.

"I don’t know if you’re visibly pregnant but there’s something about it which attracts busybodies sticking their noses in. During my first pregnancy, the only caffeine I had was one single can of Diet Coke a day, and my boss snarkily asked me ‘do unborn babies like aspartame then?"

Another said ignoring rude people is the best thing to do. "It is the reaction/argument they want. And then they always love nothing more than then pointing out you are rude."