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01st Apr 2019

Met Eireann have forecast a chance of snow this week and ugh, really?

Jade Hayden

It’s also going to be freezing.


Last week, it was nice out.

It wasn’t unreal, but it was alright, as the sun was shining, the wind was mild, and it wasn’t lashing rain but only drizzling – which is always a plus.

This week, however, the tide is turning because Met Eireann are forecasting freezing nights, less than ideal days, and even the chance of snow on higher ground.

Great. Love it. Excellent news all round for April.

Today won’t be too bad nationwide, as clouds dominate most of the afternoon with rain arriving in the northwest and spreading east later this evening.

Tonight, however, temperatures are set to drop considerably as the rest of the night brings a mix of clear spells and showers that will be both frequent and wintry.

The north and west of the country have a risk of hailstones and thunderstorms, with snowfall being entirely possible on higher ground.

Temperatures will be anywhere between -1 and +3 degrees with widespread sharp frost and icy patches most likely making it feel intensely colder than it actually is.

Going into Tuesday, the risk of blustery showers on high ground continues with hail looking fairly likely for a good few spots around the country.

Essentially, it’ll be cold and unsettled for the rest of the week – so if you’ve got any major springtime plans, wrap up warm.

Or just cancel them.