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02nd Jan 2019

Royal experts reckon Meghan Markle is planning to do this one thing after giving birth

Rebecca O'Keeffe

New report reveals strain between Harry and Meghan and staff on royal tour

We can see why.

So, unless you spent 2018 living on a remote island, you will know who Meghan Markle is.

The stunning American married Prince Harry in May of last year, and is now expecting her first child.

And apparently, Meghan has plans for herself, post birth.

According to royal experts, Meghan Markle is planning to take a trip to America after she gives birth.

Makes sense, if you ask us.

meghan markle

Meghan and her husband had been planning a trip to the US in early 2019, before Meghan became pregnant.

But it seems like the couple are just pushing their plans back a couple of months, and still plan to make the visit.

It is rumoured that Meghan and Harry will take their baby on the trip, where they will visit Canada and the US.

No doubt the couple will visit Meghan’s mother, Doria Ragland, while on the trip, along with Meghan’s close friends.

meghan markle

Meghan recently spent Christmas with the royal family at Sandrigham, celebrating her first festive season as a married woman.

Herself and Prince Harry left early on St Stephen’s Day, allowing for the rest of the family to partake in a royal tradition.

The family waited for the couple to leave before going shooting, as Meghan is a strong animal lover.

It is expected that the new royal baby will arrive in April 2019, and we can’t wait.