Mum calls for dangerous school run habit to be made illegal 9 months ago

Mum calls for dangerous school run habit to be made illegal

The school run is the bane of our existence.

Making sure all three kids have eaten breakfast, brushed their teeth, and put the clean school shirt on is not easy.

Seriously, parents deserve a gold medal for this alone.

We face about half a dozen hurdles before we even reach the school. Someone always forgets a book. Another starts faking a flu halfway up the road.

And then there's the traffic...

School run traffic is another level of stress.

And one mum has spotted quite the dangerous habit many parents have.

She said she is feeling "agitated" after noticing a lot of parents let their kids hop out of their cars on the roadside.

The mum said that the harmful habit should be illegal.


Writing on Facebook, she said it is so unsafe.

"Does anyone else get agitated by parents getting their kids out of the car roadside? They are letting their kids get out of the car into the middle of a road?

"Or having the car door wide open, roadside, fixing the seat belt or baby seat.

"I just think it's so unsafe and not teachings kids about road safety?" she said.

The mum stressed, "It should be illegal in my eyes."

Many parents agreed with her and felt it was extremely dangerous, especially for younger kids.

Others felt this could result in a lot of unnecessary accidents.

However, others highlighted the fact that some parents simply don't have anywhere to park near the school.

But is that excuse good enough?

One mum said, "Sometimes you don't have a choice. But what I do do as a considerate human being, if I see someone else doing it I stop my car and let them deal with their kids safely."

What do you think?