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31st Jan 2019

SuperValu issues recall of cereal due to ‘possible presence of insects’

Olivia Hayes

Do you buy this cereal?

The grocery store’s own brand of cereal is in question.

SuperValu has issued a recall of its own brand of Fruit and Fibre cereal as there could be the “possible presence of insects” in some packs.

Customers who think they may be affected by this have been urged to return the boxes of cereal to a SuperValu store.

In a statement posted on the official Food Safety Authority of Ireland website (FSAI), consumers were warned of the possible issue.

The best before date on this batch in particular is 31 August, 2019.

SV Fruit and Fibre Cereal

The statement reads: “As a precautionary measure, SuperValu is recalling the above batch of its Fruit and Fibre cereal, due to the possible presence of insects in a small number of packs. SuperValu is instructing its customers to return the affected products to its stores.”

If you have any Fruit and Fibre cereal with the best before date above, bring back to SuperValu as soon as possible.