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07th Mar 2019

Police officer ‘depressed and terrified’ as two teen girls coerced into sharing nudes

'Parents, PLEASE speak to your teens about this.'

‘There were tears of embarrassment, frustration, regret, and anger.’

A British police officer has shared the upsetting story of two teenage girls who were pressured into sending nude photos.

PC Sally Baines encountered the girls through her work this week, she wrote in a Twitter thread that has gone viral.

They were asked to share nude images of themselves with boys so they could “see what was on offer”, she said.

The girls felt under “immense” pressure as they wanted to avoid being labelled as frigid and for the boys to like them, PC Baines added.

They sent the photos to the boys, who then shared them among their friends.

They were “devastated”, the policewoman wrote.

“I spent hours with these girls today. There were tears of embarrassment, frustration, regret, and anger.”

Asking for nudes is now seen as “completely normal”, she said.

PC Baines implored parents to talk to their teenage sons and daughters about consent in sharing explicit photos.

“Speak to your daughters about this – tell them that being pushed into sending nudes is not part of a loving, healthy relationship.

“Speak to your sons about this – tell them that pressuring girls into sending nudes, and if pressure doesn’t work, shaming them into doing it is awful.”

Here is the thread in full: