Wills and Harry were SO CUTE  in nativity plays as kids 4 years ago

Wills and Harry were SO CUTE in nativity plays as kids

How adorable!

As we find out today that Prince George played the part of a sheep in his first school nativity play (BEYOND dotey), we decided to rummage around the internet to see if dad, Prince William and uncle, Prince Harry were too in nativity plays as kids, and it has been a successful investigation.

We have found both Prince William and Prince Harry in their school's nativity as kids and they look so cute.

Prince Harry wore a festive costume for his play in 1988. He was photographed walking towards the stage in a festive green and red ensemble, complete with a pom-pom cap.

Prince William on the other hand had a more demure nativity outfit in 1985, when he played the part of an innkeeper.


Our root today was spurred on by Prince William announcing that he went to Prince George's nativity, he said: “I went to my boy’s nativity play. It was funny. He was a sheep.”

We are only dying to see pics of little Prince George in a sheep costume. We can imagine how cute they are.

George started school at Thomas’s Battersea in London this September and is reported to be settling in well and mixing with all his classmates.