Toddler suffers second-degree burns from playground 1 year ago

Toddler suffers second-degree burns from playground

His mother is now urging parents to be careful.

A US toddler is currently recovering from second-degree burns sustained on a playground during high temperatures.

Two-year-old Jamie Reinke from Beatrice, Nebraska had been out with his family when he got the burns on the soles of his feet.

The tot was playing in a splash pad when his older brother took off for the playground area beside it.

Still barefoot from the splash pad, Jamie followed his brother and wound up burning both feet from stepping on the black asphalt.

The toddler was taken to the hospital on Wednesday where he was treated for second-degree burns.

Credit: 10/11 NOW

Now, his mother, Katie Reinke, is urging parents to beware of playground surfaces in the heat.

Though Jamie is now recovering okay, she hopes sharing what happened to him will encourage parents make sure playground equipment and flooring isn't too hot before allowing their kids on them.

Burn experts told 10/11 NOW that during summer months, parents need to be aware of how hot some surfaces can get.

They advise using water shoes or flip-flops with a thick sole even in water areas in case excited little feet run off.