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16th Sep 2017

Tom Vaughan-Lawlor was very cagey on last night’s Late Late

He didn't make things easy for Ryan.

Anna O'Rourke

Classic Nidge.

Last night’s Late Late line-up was the best one in ages, with guests including Martina Navratilova, Jennifer Zamparelli and Bernard O’Shea, as well as music from Hudson Taylor.

But it was Tom Vaughan Lawlor, AKA Nidge, who we were most excited to see.

It turns out that since the end of Love/Hate, his star has risen further – he last month confirmed that he’d landed a role in the upcoming Marvel film, Avengers: Infinity War.

We found out very little about it from his chat with Ryan last night as he was very tight-lipped about his character or what the film even was.

Tom is clearly sworn to secrecy over the film’s details but really managed to wriggle his way out of saying anything.

“The problem is that sometimes the questions you don’t answer get you in nearly as much trouble as the questions you do answer,” he said.

He did (kind of) explain this shot of himself and Benedict Cumberbatch that was leaked from the film set.

The image suggests that Tom isn’t playing a straightforward human character, given the motion-capture suit he’s wearing, and he pretty much confirmed that to Ryan.

“It’s a very different experience in terms of working in motion capture, it’s something I had never done before and it was and it is a very interesting journey,” he said.

He also had some very nice things to say about his co-stars, whom he didn’t actually name, though we know that Benedict Cumberbatch is one.

“What I can say is the stars are as concerned with the minutiae of a drama scene that you might be working on in a small pub theatre,” he said.

“They’re going these are characters with objections and motivations and obstacles and they work in the same way essentially, just on a bigger scale and they were all welcoming and really lovely and kind and brilliant at what they do.”

Very vague.

The only other tidbits of information that Tom could share was that his character has special powers and that the film will be out next year.

Until then, we’ll all have to keep guessing.