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01st Apr 2022

My 4-year-old daughter despises her unique name- is it too late to change it?

Kat O'Connor

Will she grow out of this mood?

My 4-year-old daughter hates her name.

Personally, I think it is a lovely name, but she has started to despise it and now I feel so guilty.

There was one name I had adored since I was a young girl, but now I worry it is too unique.

When she was born, I decided to call her Philomena.

“Her name is Philomena. We are in the US.”

“I read the name in a novel and I absolutely loved it from a young age. So when I had a daughter I named her Philomena.”

“We call her Pippa, and she insisted her name is Pippa. She is not Philomena.”

I didn’t want to give her a super common name, but I don’t see anything wrong with Philomena.

It’s sweet and traditional, but she insists her name is Pippa.

“I still love the name. I don’t think it’s weird. Like it’s spelled properly and it’s not absurd.”

“I didn’t want them super common, but I also didn’t want them weird, you know?”

The name Philomena means ‘powerful love’. I think it’s adorable, but is it a little too out there?

What do you think of the name?