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07th Mar 2022

Amazon driver alerts woman to ‘unsafe’ house number problem in viral TikTok

Katy Brennan

She delivered more than just a package.

An Amazon delivery driver has been praised for informing a customer that she is at risk because her house does not have a number.

In a viral clip, TikTok user Jessica Huseman (@_jesshopehouse) explains how she had just moved into the home, which was missing a house number, and did not have time to put one up yet.

But apparently, something that seems so small can lead to very serious consequences. The Amazon driver dropped off more than just a package, she also delivered some potentially life-saving advice.

@_jesshopehuse We just moved in and this happened today…she’s not wrong though. Guess I need to get some house numbers. #amazondelivery ♬ original sound – Jessica Huseman

In the video, the driver approaches the front door, sees a doorbell camera, and begins singing:

“I hope your Monday’s going well. You have no markers on your house that says what number you are.”

She then says: “And it is hard to find your house, my dude. And it’s unsafe, honestly.

“What if you needed medical assistance and the paramedics didn’t know your town well? Come on. Have a great day!”

Jessica wrote in the caption: “She’s not wrong… Guess I need to get some house numbers.”

The video has since blown up and received almost 5 million views with many people praising the driver for being so considerate.

“Not all heroes wear capes… delivery with a message of safety song. Amazing service!” one person wrote.

“She seems like a cool person… and she is 100% right,” another said.

“Good looking out. If she didn’t care, she wouldn’t have said anything,” a third added.

And the driver herself, who is named Kelsey, even created her own TikTok account to respond, pointing out some of the other dangerous things she notices when at work.

@queenofconsent #stitch with @_jesshopehuse ♬ original sound – The Queen K

“That’s just one of the things I notice when I walk up to households, baby,” she said.

“Other things I notice are unclear entrances and exits. What if you need to leave your house or EMS needs to come into your house?

“Thinking about clear pathways, I often times see a lot of bikes or kid’s bikes in front doors, that scare me baby, that scare me real bad.

“Anytime I got out and make deliveries, if I see something, I say something – cos that’s how bystander intervention works.”

She then concluded by emphasising how important it is to “be there for each other”.