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01st Mar 2022

Brown Thomas faces backlash over IV treatments in new store

Kat O'Connor

“Irresponsible pseudoscience isn’t a good look.”

Brown Thomas has come under fire for offering IV treatments at its new Dundrum store.

Some of the available treatments include an Immunity Drip, a Basic Hydration Drip, and an Anti-Ageing Drip.

A Detox Drip and Hair Health Drip are also available.

Prices range from €85 to €950.

Doctors have called the treatments “pseudo-science”.

Dr. David Robert Grimes tweeted, – “This is a terrible idea, Brown Thomas.

“There’s no medicinal benefit to unregulated vitamin infusions, & people have died following intravenous vitamin infusions – model Janna Rasskazova for example. Irresponsible pseudoscience isn’t a good look.”

Speaking to Newstalk, Dr. Trish Horgan said the treatments are nothing but pseudoscience.

“I am not aware of any evidence that would support the use of these drips in any shape or form.”

“I am not aware of any evidence that would show that this prevents aging or slows down aging,” she stressed.

“We know that hydration is important and this is something people can achieve by drinking plenty of water.

“Vitamins and minerals we can absorb through our gut by taking them in by mouth by taking a balanced diet – vegetables and fruit. Lifestyle is important. Maintaining exercise is the most important anti-aging process we can engage in as far as I am aware.”

She also expressed concerns that people would opt for these treatments rather than seek professional medical help.

“Someone who is feeling unwell would seek answers in a department store rather than contacting their family doctor.”

She said there is a chance people could put themselves at risk of missing a diagnosis.

“My advice is, if someone is feeling unwell, they should attend their GP where someone who knows your medical history and your medications will carry out an examination. Blood tests need to be carried out.”

Brown Thomas has defended the treatments.

“Get a Drip is an independent operation that provides a service at Brown Thomas in Dundrum.

The department store said the treatments are new to Ireland but are popular in America and the UK.

“Information on the treatment is provided by qualified professionals and all customers who avail of the service will be fully assessed for their suitability for the services before every treatment.”