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27th Apr 2022

My daughter’s teacher confiscated her phone and used it as her own- should I report her?

Kat O'Connor

The teacher refused to give her the phone back for way too long.

Our children know they shouldn’t use their phones in school, but that doesn’t stop them from sneakily using them during history class.

One girl got in serious trouble when her teacher noticed she was on her phone during school.

Like most teachers, she confiscated the phone. However, she went a step further than most.

According to the girl’s mother, the teacher was using the phone whilst it was confiscated.

The mum explained that her 15-year-old daughter was having difficulty getting the phone back off her teacher.

Her mum promised she would sort it out, but was stunned when the teacher ignored her request.

“Every day after Hannah tells me she asked for it back and Ms. K refuses.

“On Thursday I sent her an email asking when we can expect the phone back and that I would like her to have it for when she works this weekend. No reply.”

An entire week went by and Hannah still had no phone.

Her mum got tired of the teacher’s behaviour and stormed into the school.

“I found Ms. K standing outside her classroom and told her it was time she give me the phone back. She tells me that Hannah needs to learn to stop using her phone in class.”

The mum agreed with her. She even said she could take Hannah’s phone away during her class time, but she should not have kept her daughter’s phone for this long.

The mum caused a scene and Ms. K finally retrieved the phone from her office.

When the mum returned home with her phone, her daughter was stunned.

Her teacher had cracked the screen, but also logged into her Apple ID on the phone.

“I’m worried if Ms. K has access to anything on her end.”

The mum revealed there were different contacts on the phone. They fear the teacher may have merged the data and can now access Hannah’s content.

The mum admitted, “I feel like an idiot for not checking the phone when she handed it to me.”

She lost it when she discovered what the teacher had done.

She emailed her asking for an explanation, but the teacher has ignored her.

“I told Hannah she can’t use the phone for now because I’m worried if Ms. K has access to anything on her end.”

“I’m seriously considering reporting her to an administrator and having her pay for the screen repair.”

However, her husband doesn’t agree because he fears the teacher will “retaliate” against their daughter.

The mum asked would it be wrong to report her? What would you do?