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10th Apr 2022

Have kids, they said… 11 photos that’ll make you feel better about your day

Laura Cunningham

…be grand, they said.

Kids are wonderful. No amount of messing up could outshine the joy they bring.

But some days, it’s like they’ve challenged themselves to try…

These 11 examples of the little cherubs pushing their parents to the very limit might just make you feel better about your own day…

1. Like this heartfelt message…

Image via: BoredPanda

2 Kind of you to wash the toilet roll

Image via: dmclb

3 A future artist for sure

Image via: UserNameIsBack

4 Her face says it all.

5 Is it wrong that I think this is kinda cute?

Image via: Carbornz

6 We’re assured he’s absolutely fine, but the poor little guy must have got a proper fright. And I can’t imagine he was the only one!

7 Presented without comment…

Image via: PassingGlans

8 The face of three kids that know they’re in trouble…

9 He has some regrets…

Image via: PotentialApathy

10 Future MUA?

11 I have so many questions…

Image via: AwaitingCombat

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