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23rd Feb 2022

Incredible mum donates 50 pints of milk after losing her baby boy

Ellen Fitzpatrick

What a woman.

A devastated mum whose son was stillborn has donated 50 pints of breast milk to sick babies.

34-year-old Sarah Lampley was left heartbroken after she experienced heavy bleeding in her 38th week of pregnancy.

She experienced placental abruption which was a threat to her own life, and she sadly lost baby Legend.

Her three other sons have named their brother a “superhero” after his position in the womb ended up saving their mum’s life.

Legend’s position managed to prevent blood clots from moving to other parts of Sarah’s body.

Since returning home from the hospital, Sarah wanted to “let Legend’s legacy live on” and has donated her breast milk.

Fourteen weeks after the tragedy, she has now donated over 8000oz of “liquid gold” to the Mother’s Milk Bank of Alabama.

Speaking about the hardship she faced as per she said that it “brought purpose and comfort in my grief.”

“A few days after delivering my son, I still had to go through postpartum which was really hard for me, but what made me feel worse was the thought of throwing my milk away,” she said.

“I feel forever changed but I want to use this for good. I know that even in our darkest hours we can still be a light to others.”

Sarah’s husband Lewis initially was concerned that bumping milk might be too emotionally draining for his wife, but soon saw it was actually helping her.

She added: “My husband was worried that it would be hard, and he was protective of my feelings, but once he saw how happy it made me, he was on board.”

Sarah has been contacted by other mothers since sharing the news of her donations who have also lost children, with those who have benefitted from milk donations also thanking her.