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16th Apr 2023

Toddler tries running away from home – because Cocomelon was turned off


“That show has to have some type of drug in its programming…”

We all know that if there’s one way to get a toddler to come running, it’s by turning on Cocomelon.

Still, we wouldn’t have guessed that turning the show off would cause the extreme opposite.

Tionna Clark’s godson decided to try and run away from home when she muted Cocomelon to make a call.

Little Prince Christopher, a toddler from Ohio in the US, was ready to up and leave in his bare nappy.

“I had to call my mom so I put it on mute,” Tionna told FOX News. “He got mad and told me, ‘bye bye.’”

The boy went into another room, got a backpack and began packing.

“He put a toy and a diaper in it, and with one croc [on his foot], grabbed his cuppie and was really trying to leave,” Tionna continued.

Unfortunately for Prince Christopher though, the door was locked, and all he could do was smack the keys in frustration.

His godmother shared the hilarious moment on TikTok, where it has racked up almost 8 million views so far.

“Oh man the power of Cocomelon is real,” one TikTok user commented.

“That show has to have some type of drug in its programming bc this is EXACTLY how my two-year-old acts,” wrote another.

Tionna said her godson loves to sing and dance, and that Cocomelon is “definitely his favourite of all time.”

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