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05th May 2023

Woman heartbroken after husband lies to her about vasectomy


Woman upset in a bedroom

A woman has been left heartbroken after finding out her husband had a vasectomy without telling her.

She opened up about the ordeal in an emotional post on Reddit and told the public that her dreams of becoming a mum were completely ruined after he lied to her about the procedure.

The woman explained that she plans on divorcing her husband after all he has done to her.

She revealed that they were part of an arranged marriage, but hit it off from the moment they met. The couple dated for two years before officially getting married and grew even closer after their wedding.

“Let me make one thing clear. He knew I wanted kids”

They made sure to discuss serious topics before they got married, including whether or not they wanted children and both agreed that they did.

“Let me make one thing clear. He knew I wanted kids. We talked about it. We decided on two, probably after a year or so after our marriage if our financial stability continued as it was. We’re both working and earning enough to start and support a family.”

The couple started trying around a year later, but didn’t get pregnant despite trying for eight months.

“I decided we’d go get a check-up. My husband refused. He said he didn’t want to, that he was perfectly fine, and that it was better if we kept trying. So I didn’t go either. I don’t know why I bought into his lies.”

The truth came out after the woman met up with her sister-in-law for lunch. She needed a shoulder to cry on because she was worried she had fertility issues.

“Two days ago I met with his sister for lunch, I told her everything. I told her just how stressed I was. What if I’m infertile? What if I never have kids? Why wasn’t anything working? I also told her about my husband’s refusal to go get a fertility test. I went on and on. And all this while she had a blank look on her face. She had this shocked look on her face as she asked “You know he’s had a vasectomy right?” I cannot tell you just how horrible it was to sit there and hear those words come out of her mouth.”

The woman continued, “I felt stones drop in my stomach. I asked her to repeat what she’d said, hoping I heard wrong.”

Her husband had a vasectomy years before they met but lied to her about it.

She said they had countless conversations about the family they would have one day, about schools, about all the toys they would buy their children.

“This man spent all that time building castles in the air with me all while stabbing me in the back. He never ever told me. He was always enthusiastic to talk about it with me.”

The woman eventually confronted her husband about it and he gave her quite an outlandish reason for why he lied.

He told her he lied to make sure he wouldn’t cheat on him.

“This man. With that f***ing mouth of his dared to say “To check if you would be loyal. I have seen people say how women cheat on their husbands and say the baby was theirs. I wanted to know if you would do that.

He continued, “I wanted to know if you loved me enough to not cheat.”

The woman immediately left him and moved back in with her parents. She has chosen to cut contact with him and plans on divorcing him “as soon as I pick myself off the floor”.

The man and his family can’t understand her anger, but the sister-in-law is the only one who has been somewhat empathetic since she revealed his secret.

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